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Lemmings: Can You Dig It? Released

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I finally got to see the Lemmings 30 Year Anniversary Documentary on the 14th Feb, which if we’re really counting is 31 years. You can watch the full 2hr (really!) on YouTube (>18,000 views as I write this) where I am pleased to report that I made the cut! Seriously, I’m paranoid about being written out of history and fretted that my contribution wouldn’t get in.

I resisted being involved at first.

I was first approached to record an interview around the Spring of 2021, which just happened to be a really bad time. For a long time I’ve oscillated between being proud of my involvement, and being irritated that no-one wants to talk about anything else. I get asked the same questions. I say the same things.

Worse, the timing came on the back of two documentaries on GTA in which I contributed a ton of on-camera stuff. Neither of them appeared, and NDAs pretty much prevent me from identifying who made them.

Suffice to say I was not in the best frame of mind, and was ever considering not talking about DMA Design ever again. However Mike Dailly (who’s also in the documentary) eventually talked me into it some six months or so later.

In the subsequent interview I ended up talking for over three hours in a half-hour slot, so I guess I’m still enthused after all!

Go watch it, it’s worth your time!

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