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Scottish Cases from Online Sources

Scottish Cases from Online Sources

Some UFO websites allow users to enter their own sightings. Not all of those sites are still around, some only now accessible via the Internet Archive. I’ve written up a selection of them below, with links to the originals.

Unlike reports which I’ve gathered from MoD documents and newspaper/zines, these are mostly self-reported cases. As such, they haven’t had the sort of picking-apart which other cases have done.

For some, traced from website to website, it’s probably impossible to find the original source, or to get additional data.

Many more cases are written up in the Paperback Edition of The Scottish UFO Casebook, available to buy from Lulu. And also from the smaller but free version of the casebook available from the Downloads menu. The free version has 150, the print version has 5× more plus illustrations!

Alternatively, the low-cost Kindle Edition is available to buy from Amazon of course.



24 Sep 1816 | Dunkeld

“An object was sighted that had an appearance and performance beyond the capability of known earthly aircraft.”

Comment: This seems a little too good to be true. The quote is from the referenced website and not from a primary source, which would not use the term “aircraft”. UPDB mentions newspapers clippings… but not which one.

Source: UFODNA


July 1947 05:30 | Portobello

A disk-shaped metallic object with a transparent dome, accompanied by a humming sound, was seen by the witness. Inside was a being wearing a dark suit, standing next to an “instrument panel”. The object was 20ft in diameter.

Source: UFODNA

The 1950s


06 Jan 1952 | Linlithgow

At around midday, the witness saw a “…flying disk, circular, shining like stainless steel…” directly overhead, with a rotating outer portion. It seemed to be descending, being the size of the Moon, until it reached a cloud and was concealed by it.

It did not re-emerge, the whole time being silent.

Through an RAF contact, a sighting form was obtained and filled out. But that appeared to end the matter.

Source: NUFORC

The 1960s


July 1967 23:00 | Camelon

A “sphere of light”, forty feet in diameter, was seen ten feet above the houses by a witness when they were eight. It hovered, pulsing, some 250 yards away as seen from the bedroom window. For the next 40 minutes, a light show took place. Initially the light contacted to 20 feet, and it “…rolled over the roof and down to the park…” getting denser and brighter, bouncing around and reaching a peak after twenty minutes.

The impression was that it was spinning, with lights around the outside, changing from red to yellow and going through a sequence of colours. The witness wrote:

“Its colours were a fire-red flickering like as in a fire, within a peachy coloured sphere. Every now and then you would hear a pop-like something. I noticed smaller (about 2 ft) dimmer spheres drop down through the big spheres circumferance, like tail-less sperm entering an egg…”

The ending of the sighting happened when it moved along the line of a hill, then vertically upwards, where it joined “…three stationary black bat-shaped ships waiting for it…” wherupon they all disappeared.

Source: NUFORC


July 1969 21:00 | Catterline

A group of children, some of whom ran to tell their parents, saw a stationary silver triangle “…very high up in the sky…”, resulting in a dozen witnesses in total. A policeman, one of the neighbour’s sons, phoned a newspaper to be told that it was a weather balloon. This explanation was not accepted by one of the witnesses, getting in touch with UFOINFO.


The 1970s


August 1974 16:00 | Culloden

A shiny metallic circular object “…maybe about the size of a small car…” was seen at Culloden Moor. It had 3 equally space circles, possibly lights, and was a few feet above a field. The witness was age 9 at the time, and saw it while passing on a school bus. A drawing was given to police.

Source: NUFORC


1977 14:00 | Aberdeen

A 100ft diameter glowing orange sphere, with “…swirling gaseous surface…” was seen from Aberdeen town centre. It flew south-west across the houses at 100ft height until it was lost to sight less than a minute later.

Supposedly a similar sighting happened at the same time in Orkney, complete with an apparent abduction experience. But this is only a second-hand recounting.

Source: UFO Evidence

15 May 1977 02:00 | Kilmarnock

For 20 minutes, flying lights seemed to pace the witness while driving their van. Approaching the town, they drew to a distance of 100 yards, “…opposite a golf course…” where it hovered above some trees in silence.

Stopping to get out, a “…very light motor noise…” was heard, compared to the sound of a hairdryer.

The shape of the object was described as four lights arranged in the shape of a square. It hovered 200ft above the ground.

“After about ten minutes, the craft seemed to edge away slowly in the direction it had come, and then accelerated to a fantastic speed back in the direction of the local airport about 10 miles away.”

The date is uncertain, but was a Sunday morning in the Summer of that year.

Source: NUFORC

15 Jul 1977 21:00 | Glasgow

On an overcast night the witness, with his Dad and a friend of his father’s, were walking home after fishing. On the horizon, a giant orange object appeared, slowly rising upwards. Described as “…like an orange ball at the centre with hundreds of long thin orange spikes protruding from the centre outwards to form a circular shape.”

Another object of the same kind but smaller appeared, next to the first one. Both were around four miles distant. However, the two adults could not see them, despite being pointed out. After a minute and a half they disappeared upwards into the clouds.

Source: NUFORC

19 Jul 1977 15:00 | Edinburgh

Two teenagers saw an object they described as a “craft”, shaped like Saturn and metallic pale orange, come in from the south. There, some two miles away, it apparently intentionally wanted to be seen by them, as it moved slowly north.

“It just hung around as if it wanted to be seen and then slid to the south again, almost serenly in fashion.”

They estimated it to be two storeys high, with a ring around the circumference. On the top half were eight darkened portholes, the whole object being surrounded by a haze.

Source: NUFORC

Autumn 1977 10:45 | Helmsdale

A silver sphere, 300ft above the sea, was seen by a couple as it seemed to emit thick clouds of vapour from one side. It travelled slowly and silently, in a straight line, for three minutes.

Source: NUFORC

The 1990s

Early 90s | Kinghorn Loch

Two people were driving from Kirkcaldy to Burntisland, at late night. As they passed Kinghorn Loch, rounding a corner, they saw “…a large disc shaped object hovering to the side of a hill.” The object beamed a bright light down onto a field. They kept driving and it was lost to sight.



December 1992 22:00 | St. Andrews

MISSING TIME Two friends, one a farmer, were in fields “…culling rabbits at night…” using a rifle and a bright spotlight. The beam then lit up a spherical object, the size of a cottage, which appeared comprised of octagonal panels1. Light reflected in “…in a sort of multicoulered [sic] hue.” Only the top ⅔ was visible from their position.

Nothing was supposed to be there, so – in the 4×4 – they drove along a track to investigate, then turned into the field. At which point the witness’s memory ends. The next thing he knew, they were back culling rabbits.

He forgot the event until five years later, when memory started to return. Eventually telling his wife, she persuaded him to talk to his friend, who it turned out had no memory of it.

After a further year, his friend has started to recall, but only about seeing the object in the first place.

Source: NUFORC


22 Sep 1993 22:00 | Waterloo → Overtown

The witness and his wife were walking along the road, when they saw four lights in the sky, which then came towards them. As it was silhouetted against the light glow from a nearby town, it proved to be part of a large, black V-Shaped object which emitted a humming noise. As it moved slowly, only 15mph and a 100ft of the ground, the object seemed to be following the path of the railway line. According to the witness:

“… it was the way it turned which I found amazing. It didn’t bank like a plane but appeared to pivot on its port wingtip.”

From its first apperarance over Larkhall, it moved away to the north.


Late Jan / Early Feb 1996 20:00 | Inverkeithing

MISSING TIME A black triangular object showed above the witness as he walked his dog in the woods. All sound stopped, including traffic noise from the nearby motorway. He looked upwards, seeing the shape through the trees, moving “extremely slowly” overhead, silently and without lights.

Upon his return home, what he thought had been 30 mins had been 2 hours.

Source: NUFORC


06 Jul 1997 18:30 | Stirling

Four occupants of a car were passing Stirling when they saw “…a strange object directly above the motorway in front of us.” The black object was “few hundred” feet above the ground, as they passed underneath it, where it was revealed as a flat triangular shape with no markings.

So flat was it, that no height was visible, though it did have a “T-bar” at the front.

Traffic was heavy, so it was assumed many others must have seen it.

Source: Think About It

Comment: Original source seems based on UFO Evidence


04 Sep 1998 06:05 | Nitshill

A dark grey flat triangular object flew over the observer, silently, without lights. It “…travelled at great speed…” and was in sight for 15 seconds.

Source: NUFORC

The 2000s


27 Dec 2000 19:15 | Ballater

On the route from Braemar to Aberdeen, a couple were approaching Ballater. Just before the bypass, they saw a triangular object on their left, 600ft above the trees at the side of the road, near to the Craigendarroch Hotel.

She described it as a triangle the size of a house with steady blue lights “…at each point (but not on the very tips).” A white beam of light shone from the top. A faint helicopter sound was heard, but too “muted” to be from the object. No helicopter could be seen.

They pulled in, just beyond the bypass, where her boyfriend exited the car and walked back a little way to get a better look. He was just in time to see it start to move slowly before instantly vanishing. She followed, but not in time to see more of the obeject, but saw a police van and car stopped at the bypass.

The van pulled out, stopping by her partner.

There followed a slightly odd interaction.

“… [he] asked the driver, ’did you see that?’ to which the passenger replied after looking sideways at the driver, ’yes he did’. They rolled up their window and drove away. [He] and I then turned the car around and headed back the way we had come to see if we could see the craft again, but it was gone.”

They then drove off. The couple then turned the car around, in an unsuccessful attempt to see more of the object. She describes how they made a point of checking their watches to see if there was any missing time, but only three minutes had passed.

Comment: The account describes how they checked their watches in case they had lost any time. Also interesting is the assumption that the helicopter noise belonged a separate craft and because the Royal residence of Balmoral was a few miles away and assumed to have helicopter defences. This shows how much of UFO lore is part of popular culture and how elements are fitted together to form an explanation.

Source: NUFORC


30 Mar 2006 02:30 | Penicuik

A policeman on night duty observed a triangular object being “…which made a pulsing noise the craft was leaving a strange smoke trail…” and pursued by aircraft. The smoke trail was like a series of circles. Magnetic or electrical effects were noted, but not explained what those were.

Source: NUFORC

The 2010s


07 Sep 2008 | Glasgow

CE2K MIB While walking his dog in the early morning, the witness saw what at first seemed to be a spotlight. Becoming a “glowing orb”, it then moved downwards in silence. Now thinking it to be a Chinese lantern, he took his dog back home, then went looking for it.

Having fallen in a nearby wooded area surrounded by a fence, he found a hole in it and crawled through. The light vanished and was replaced. He said:

“At first I actually thought it was one of those stealth bombers, but it was too complicated looking to be one. The craft stood perfectly still just inches above the ground.”

A crowd of beings became apparent, one much larger than the others, wearing a “tinfoil suit” and lizard-like. A purple ball was produced by it. At this point the witness claims to have begun recording video with his phone, capturing eight minutes of footage until the end of the vent when the craft “…shot silently into the sky.”

This footage was then uploaded to his computer, subsequently confiscated by authorities on a pretext. When reclaiming the computer, now without the footage, he returned home to be greeted by two “…strong looking men smoking…” one of whom wore military uniform.

They then made threats against him.

Later, he had a dream where information on the alien world was revealed.

Comment: A purported photo accompanies this report, showing a triangular craft. Follow the source link to see it, and the subsequent story.

Source: UFO Casebook


03 Mar 2014 18:30 | Dalry

Two bright white flashing lights were seen in the sky, low down and moving slowly to the east. Ten minutes later, as the witness drove home, three more lights — not as bright — were visible overhead above some power lines, at three times the height.

More lights appeared during the evening, sometimes over the witness’ house, occasionally accompanied by an unusual sound, until 8pm when “…the sky clouded over.”

The witness notes that a few days previously a dark grey helicopter “almost landed” in the field next to the house, hovering twenty feet above the ground. After a minute it left in the direction of Kilbirnie.



01 Jun 2015 12:31 | Dornoch

A couple were walking their dog, when they saw a “… white light slowly moving across the sky…” at an elevation of 60°. It moved eastwards in silence.

Source: UFOs Northwest

16 Oct 2015 20:30 | Glasgow

A woman saw a fiery oval shape which “…maintained height, and there was no noise.”

Source: UFOs Northwest


02 Apr 2017 18:00 | Blairgowrie

A star-like object draw the attention of the observer, while walking on the road. Looking at it, in the direction of a small hill, he saw:

“…a rough outline of a shadow and seemed like something metallic and spherical but the shadows did not show spherical but as if it was round and slim and on its side if it was a flying saucer. The shadow was just on the left side of the edge so I new [sic] it was not spherical like a weather balloon would be.”

It then appeared to shrink down and fade, returning briefly, repeating this several times before vanishing entirely. The witness’ Grandmother has apparently said “strange lights” had been seen, in woods just past the hill in the same direction.

Source: UFOs Northwest


30 Oct 2021 21:35 | Dunbartonshire

The witness and his son saw a “triangle craft” with a light at each corner. It flew over them, before it “…disappeared into the clouds…” The sighting took place next to a nuclear base, and this was not the first time it had been seen.

Source: NUFORC



Octagonal shapes don’t tile. Perhaps he meant hexagonal?

Author: Steve Hammond

Created: 2023-01-23 Mon 11:16


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The Scottish UFO Casebook contains sightings reported through UFO groups, newspapers, magazines, and Ministry of Defense declassified files. I tended to avoid cases which were self-reported through websites, for reasons explained in the book. But it's worth presenting some of them here. An online presentation for onlines sources. What symmetry!