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What it was like in the early days of Scottish games company DMA Design.

He had bought the Amiga 1000 with his Timex redundancy money, as any bio will tell you. All the popular accounts mention the money of course, but none of them mention the stereo system which almost took up the entire length of a wall, the king-size waterbed, the poodle and the budgie which barked instead of chirped.

Photorealism and Emotion

A game doesn't need photorealism to produce an emotional reponse.

Being interactive, adaptive and increasing in sophistication, why aren’t games already the most adept at spinning these feelings we all have? Games have the existing tools of visuals, audio, characters and story to use. Everything, indeed, that a movie can do. Everything that a novel can do. In a game, it is all wrapped up in gameplay. Taken to the extreme, a movie is simply a game with the interaction set to zero.

 Extra Intel ❝DVD Extras❞

Manual Override was a semi-regular feature of the Scottish Games Network website. It was a pun on the fact that I used to write manuals for computer games.