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DMA Design

  • DMA Design was the premier Scottish computer games company of the 90s.

    DMA was a Scottish computer games company from 1988 to 2001. During that time they created over a dozen games and became the largest independent games developer in Europe. One highlight was Lemmings, which you may have heard of. Another was Grand Theft Auto, of which you certainly have. It was founded in 1988 by Dave Jones who, having lost his job at the Timex plant in Dundee, used the redundancy money to buy an Amiga 1000 and start writing the game Menace. He did this at the back of his classes in college, scribbling 68000 assembly language in notebooks, as well as at home.

  • I was a co-writer on Grand Theft Auto and have answered a load of questions over the years.

    And I did have a lot of discussion with Brian Baglow, so some of my malign influence might have crept in that way. We talked about having a Pulp Fiction style MacGuffin, a suitcase of course. I suggested when you opened it at the end of the story, it would explode, kill you, and tell you "Crime Doesn't Pay". Subverting our subversion.

  • Some of what I did at DMA Design, some graphics, a lot of writing… and misc!

    It was during one of the regular trips to deliver my Beast graphics on cassette, that I noticed how slow the levels were being loaded from disk. And that there was only a blank screen during this time. So I offered to write some text to fill in the gap. And that was how I started writing for games.

  •  Extra Intel ❝DVD Extras❞

    Manual Override was a semi-regular feature of the Scottish Games Network website. It was a pun on the fact that I used to write manuals for computer games.