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I never met Alan Grant but he’s been there all my life. As a writer on comic 2000AD, and others, he was there in the background. Yesterday came the sad news of his passing. I grew up on comics, 2000AD in particular. And that lasted through my teens and, well, ever since.

It was the 2000AD “credit card” which first made him and other comic creators known to me. While DC Thomson didn’t provide credit for their artists and writers, 2000AD started to. Thus, as a kid, I could associate names with strips. Alan was anti-authoritarian, darkly humorous; all this showing in Judge Dredd and Robo-Hunter.

But it was his work on Judge Anderson which showed a melancholy, as the character suffered a loss and went on a spiritual journey. That stuck with me.

In the 90s, especially, I needed it.

He’ll be missed.

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