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Windy OpSec

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During stormy weather, you might want to invest in a crosscut paper shredder. Climate change means this will only get worse. February storms meant more winds, higher speeds.

Which in turn means wheelie bins blown over, more UFO sightings (trampolines), and – as happened to me – finding my neighbour’s medical correspondence when fishing rubbish out the hedge.

Low level stuff, to be sure. If you’re a hacker, there’s no need to go dumpster diving… the dumpster comes to you!

(Or, and this is the contemporary attitude to personal privacy in the 21^st^ Century, you simply don’t care.)

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I use British English spelling and idioms, if you tend to worry about that sort of thing.

Additionally I'm Scottish, so 'outwith' is unquestionably a real word. As is 'drookit', 'puggled' and 'numpty'. I am occasionally all three of those.

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My name is in the very first paragraph of the first page of the first GTA design document*. (Excluding cover and table of contents. I mean, right?)

I directed Britain's first ever Star Trek fan film, which we started production of in 2003 and released in 2007. We're still making episodes: Starship Intrepid