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I’d been doing some soul-searching about the website. Almost ten years ago I registered the domain, with the intention of making it all about – well – DMA Design. It never had as much content on it as I’d have liked, but it did bring in a small stream of interview offers.

It seemed to be useful for a few people, and generally I’ve liked doing the interviews. Then a few months back I was hectored by a project wanting me to talk about a game. They assumed my involvement without even asking first. I reckoned I’d think it over during that weekend. They sent me more emails from more people and even contacted a friend of mine to get my attention.

Fine, then. I’ve decided. Hard No.

And so I thought about what the site had accomplished. I was talking about Lemmings and GTA and nothing else. Year after year. Whatever game I was asked to talk about was in inverse proportion to my involvement in it. I toyed with the idea of shutting down the site. There were better ways of writing about DMA, I thought.

At which point I managed to trash it by accident. (Advice: Make sure you’re pointing to the correct remote folder when you do an upload…)


Must be a sign… So the deed’s done. has been removed from the internet, thought it can still be found at I’ll be transferring the blog posts here – slowly – and adding new content. I want to give all those other games we did a better showing, and do a better job on the history.

This is not the end, just a new chapter.

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